Exhibition in Atelier 2 Gallery

SCKM and Atelier 2 Gallery are hosting the second exhibition of “Multipars Pictura – Cracow Polyptych”, presenting a joint work of nearly two hundred artists: famous painters, amateurs, children, teenagers, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, families and many others.

This is the second exhibition of the “Multupars Pictura – Cracow Polyptych” project, but in a completely different version. Atelier 2 Gallery will display works by artists from various backgrounds and ages – as a one large multipart painting composition. This composition does not have a permanent form, but is systematically modified or enriched with new fragments.

The goal of the “Multipars Pictura” project was to engage people of different backgrounds and ages in an active participation of creating a large, multi-part painting. From May until October 2021 everyone interested in taking part in the project, was given a small, primed wood panel with a graphic element painted on it. Their task was to paint a picture of any style and theme but with keeping that graphic element visible.

This idea reached a big number of people from Kraków, Poland and also from abroad. Not only individuals have joined the project but also schools, charities, social care homes and cultural centres. As a result paintings of all kinds were created presenting a variety of different ideas, styles and experiences, but all being connected by one vision and a simple design of a rectangle.
An additional highlight of the project is the hidden identity of the artists. Participants have been asked not to sign their work on the front, but on the back. Thanks to this, the viewers of Polyptych will have to guess the artist, not knowing if e.g an artwork was made by famous artists or an amateur painter.


The first edition of the project took place in 2okna Gallery in Krakow Kazimierz. The next exhibition will be presented in the Atelier 2 Gallery, where it will take on a completely new face. The aim of the project is its dynamics. “Polyptych” is meant to be presented in various locations in Krakow and in changing arrangements.

The opening of the second exhibition will take place on December 9 at 18:30 in Atelier 2 Gallery in Kraków.

The coordinator of the project is Krakow-based painter and culture animator Beata Pałach Milligan, who implements this project as part of Kraków Art Scholarship “Stypendium Twórcze Miasta Krakowa”.

OPENING: 9/12/2021, 18:30

The exhibition has been extended until 31st of January 2022.

Atelier 2 Gallery
53 Dietla Street


Agata Borek
Agata Palach Bell
Agnieszka Kolanowska
Agnieszka Perc
Agnieszka Polańska
Agnieszka Wozowicz
Ahmed Majid
Aleksandra Kaleta
Amir Majid
Andrzej Kacperek
Ania I.
Ania Richner
Anna Cisło
Anna Fornelska
Anna Janas
Anna Laske
Anna Tofil
Antonina Rogala
Asia Żabczak
Basia Szymańska
Beata Pałach
Beata Sarapata
Bruno Manganaro
Celina Reiss-Litke
Clinton Vun Khee Tham
Dominika Kalinowska Żurek
Dominika Rudowicz
Dominika Wojtylak
Dorota Kozłowska – Buczek
Edward Gałustow
Eliza Wilczyńska
Emilia Bednarczyk
Gabriela Kupiec
Halina Nowicka
Hania Tham
Heba Tallah Abouhamd
Iain Coles
Iga Lempart
Irena Natanek
Iwan Potishuk
Jan Bembenista
Jan Bembenista
Jan Wlezień
Janusz Szpyt
Jerzy Dmitruk
Jerzy Kaczorowski
Jerzy Wojciech Bielecki
Joanna Gałecka
Joanna Michałowska
Julia Dobrowolska
Karolina Bednarczyk
Karolina Zaniewska
Kasia Klakla
Katarzyna Mol
Katarzyna Żabczak
Krzysztof Koniczek
Krzysztof Sławomir Król
Krzysztof Trzaska
Leszek Tarczoń
Magda Hałoń
Magda Richner
Magdalena Łakoma
Magdalena Zuzanna Żurek
Maja Coles
Maja Czowicka
Maja Zielniok
Małgorzata Francuz Flisek
Małgorzata Jenta Dmitruk
Małgorzata Kacperek
Małgorzata Pałach – Rydzy
Małgorzata Sikora
Małgorzata Winkowska
Małgorzata Żabczak
Małgorzata Zofia Maćkowiak
Malina Dzwonkowska
Marek Pałach – Rydzy
Marek Wróbel
Marta Szczepanik
Matias Banchero
Michał Baca
Michał Kuciel
Michalina Siwczyńska
Mieszkańcy Domu Pomocy Społecznej PRASKA w Krakowie
Milena Kubik
Milenka Czajkowska
Mirosława Smerek – Bielecka
Ola Surowiec
Olga A
Olga Anishchenkova
Olga Baca
Olga Bukowska
Oliwia Wojtasik
Paula Coles
Paulina Winkowska
Paulina Zygmunt
Pawełek Żurek
Piotrek Bednarczyk
Radio Pryzmat
Rania Majid
Sandra Milligan
Smita Lakra Juneja
Stanisław Tarczoń
Tomasz Klimczyk
Ubie Chan
Uczniowie Specjalnego Ośrodka Szkolno – Wychowawczego nr 4 w Krakowie
Viola Chmielewska
Weronika Manganaro
Wietk Żabczak
Wiktor Jędrzejak
Wiktoria Dębska
Wilga Badowska
Witek Żabczak
Yurii Sherstobitov
Zbigniew Pałach
Zofia Tarczoń
Zosia Skuza
Zuzanna Magdalena Żurek


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The project is funded by Kraków Art Scholarship “Stypendium Twórcze Miasta Krakowa”.


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