Four from Szeroka

Group exhibition
Atelier Gallery
VI - VI 2017

The exhibition in the “Atelier” Gallery (16 Szeroka Street, Kraków) shows work of four artist who have been ruuning artistic classes in SCKM Kultural Center. The show will give an opportunity to see them not only as teachers, but as artists: Beata Pałach – Milligan, Beata Sarapata, Małgosia Flisek and Michał Baca.

The rartists present themselves as “Four from Szeroka” – the group of friends and working colleagues in the art studio of the gallery at Szeroka street. Despite the diversity of techniques, styles, and choice of creative paths, the exhibition harmoniously complements to each artist work. Each of the teachers choses a different, characteristic style creating work highly individualized and highlighting their personalities.