Herbarium in forest

Strzelnica Rock - Kraków forest
IX 2022

One autumn morning, an unusual exhibition took place in the Krakow forest, just below the top of Sikornik Hill. With the help of friends and guests, Beata presented her large-format watercolour works on one of the most popular Jurassic limestone rocks in this area – the Strzelnica.

Before the presentation of the paintings, however, a number of logistical and technical activities were needed, in which climbers, led by Kuba, were involved. Rolled works were hauled onto an approximately 10-meter rock, which were then unrolled with the support of other friends.

And so three big “Herbariums” found their final place after 14 years from their creation. The goal was achieved thanks to the great commitment of all people present.

The title “Herbarium” may be misleading at first. These are not paintings that illustrate specific plants. Also, the format of the paintings does not refer directly to typical botanical catalogs. The inspiration for herbariums is related to the impression while looking at the plant. It is an expression of admiration for the power of nature – its colours, shapes, forms and endless variety.

The paintings, although transformed from reality, are therefore a record of impressions and memories, the source of which lies in the observation and imitation of nature. In her works, Beata does not want to recreate the effects, but to imitate the very process of creating. Allow a reflex, impulse, experience what constitutes a fortuity.

The involvement of the public, who became an active participant in the activities, and not just a passive observer, was crucial for this project. The idea of ​​the action is in line with the character of the city forest as a place for meetings, picnics and joint activities of residents.