Anthropogenic Landscapes

The “Anthropogenic Landscapes” series was created in 2020 as a commentary on the effects of human activities and their impact on the Earth. At first glance these are typical landscapes: a picture of a hill, sea horizon, random ruins or skyline of a city. But there’s a disturbing emptiness emanating from all of these paintings – the lack of living beings. You will not find even a bird’s shadow floating on the sky. However there are some traces of human presence: flat polygons, straight, parallel stripes, often in intense, vivid colours. Like printing errors, blurred areas of censorship, or scattered screen pixels – these objects seem like a foreign body in a harmoniously functioning organism. Shapes like that do not occur naturally in the environment, so they evoke an obvious association with a human being… or one could say, “a ruling being” usurping everything that stands at their way.  As an excuse to progress and discover these beings make transformations that are inexplicable to other inhabitants of the Earth, interfering with their world by creating mysterious and illogical obstacles. Where are these activities leading? Will the landscape, seen through the eyes of another creator, keep vanishing and plunging into emptiness until it gets covered by a blurred rectangle?