Our Teachers

Group exhibition
Atelier II Gallery
X - XI 2020

The next exhibition in Atelier 2 Gallery is hosted by the art teachers of SCKM..They are Viola Chmielewska, Małgosia Flisek, Beata Pałach Milligan, Beata Sarapata, Agnieszka Wozowicz and Michał Baca. They have been working together for years, they share their friendships, common interests and the fact that apart from teaching, they practice their own art.This is not a review exhibition that summarizes their achievements as broadly as possible; this exhibition rather shows just fragments and parts of their work. Although each of them has developed their own style and prefers their techniques, aesthetics and themes, the exhibition is complementary and harmonious.


Beata Pałach Milligan is no stranger to romantic poetics that is lined with existential seriousness. This time the artist presentes a set of collages that were arranged from her watercolors. Subtle, incredibly clean, sophisticated abstract compositions seem to be trying to face the infinite, inaccessible and indifferent universe. Her paintings are such a thriller and, at the same time, a bit disturbing vision of different worlds, worlds on the edge, behind which there is an abyss of mystery, inaccessible to us.