The moment I stumbled upon Algarve, situated in the southern part of Portugal, I was immediately captivated by its awe-inspiring landscape filled with remarkable vibrant colors of the sea, rocks, and vegetation. The sheer force of nature stole my heart and convinced me that as an artist, I could never recreate its genuine magnificence, no matter how hard I attempted. Instead, my goal is to emulate its creative process. The beauty of nature is beyond compare and serves as an enduring source of amazement and inspiration. Rather than replicating a specific location, my landscapes aim to convey a sense of mystery.
To produce this art collection, I worked with ecological art techniques, such as water-based watercolors and vegan acrylics, as well as repurposed local magazines into collages. I upcycled paper, old paintings and canvases discovered at nearby charity shops. My objective was to avoid contributing to the world’s waste by purchasing needless materials. Instead, I transformed unwanted objects into art that celebrates and honors the local environment.
What could be the best place to exhibit the paintings inspired by Algarve than the Collab – a place located in the heart of Lagos, just a few steps from the magnificent Batata Beach. Place where the locals meet and share their passion for the lively city and its breathtaking surroundings.