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Get your canvas!

Your wood panel is ready for you.

Nearly 90 wood panels have been carefully primed and painted and now are waiting for their artists.

As you can see, each of them consist a rectangle. Your task is to use this figure while composing your art work. Please don’t paint it over, don’t change its size or colour! It is important for the final effect, when all the paintings will hang together as one big composition “Multipars Pictura”.

Specifications that may be useful
Wood panel / canvas: 8mm 25x25cm MDF board; primed with 3 layers (1. diluted Wikol, 2. Decoral Ponilit Acrylic Fasad, 3. Decoral Ponilit Acrylic Fasad or Gesso).

1st variant: 5x25cm along the edge
2nd variant: 5x5cm in the corner
3rd variant: 10x10cm in the corner
4th variant: 10x25cm along the edge.

Colours of the rectangles:
– Marina Blue Polycolor Acrylic No. 388.
– Permanent Yellow Deep. Amsterdam Expert Acrylic No. 285.

Write something about yourself
Remember not to put your signature on the front, but on the back of your art work. A piece of paper will be attached to the back of the painting. Please write a few words about yourself on it.

For more details click here.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Have fun!

Find out more about the project “Multipiars Pictura”.

Posted: 29/05/2021

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