Information for Project Participants

Thank you for applying to the project “Multipars Pictura – Krakow Polyptych”. I’ve listed some useful information below, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

What’s it about?
The idea is to create a large, multi-part painting and to invite various authors to this cooperation. All artists are welcome: professionals and beginners, young and old, people of different experience and stories to tell. This inclusion of representatives of various environments and generations will give the opportunity to exchange experiences both in the social and artistic fields.

Practical Information
The “Poliptych” will consist of about 150 paintings, 25x25cm each. Each Participant will be given one primed wood panel with a simple graphic element (a rectangle or a square). Your task is to paint a picture of any style and theme you’d like, but keeping the following rule: the painting should be composed in such a way as to use the graphic element marked on the wood panel. Please don’t paint it over and change neither its colour or shape! Thanks to keeping the graphic element, each independently created painting will have a common denominator and will match the whole of “Polyptych”.

Additionally, a sheet of paper will be attached to each wood panel. Please write a few words about yourself (age + whatever you like). You can also put your signature there. After completing the painting, stick the written piece of paper on the back of the work.

Important note!  Do not sign the work on the front of the painting! One of the main assumptions of the project is the hidden identity of the authors. Thanks to that, viewers of the “Poliptych” will be able to have fun guessing the authors when, for example, works by a famous artist will hang in next to children’s works.

Don’ wait!  
The number of available canvases is limited. So if you’d like to apply, please do not hesitate too long. First come, first served!

Because my project is about diversity, I reserve the right for proportional participation, so that people of different backgrounds and ages will take part. Please don’t be angry if I refuse to cooperate with you when you get touch with me at the end of the year

Summarizing, Your task is to:
1. Pick up the wooden panel and other materials from me.
2. Make your painting, taking into account the marked graphic element.
3. Write a few words about yourself on attached piece of paper. And stick it on the back of the work.
4. Contact me once you’ve finished painting.
5. Enjoy the exhibition 😊

Art workshops
If you don’t know where to start your work, I invite you to my free Art Workshops during which we will work together on paintings in a small group. The exact dates of the workshops will be published on an ongoing basis.

The participation in the project is free.

Any Questions?
If something is unclear or you want to arrange the collection of materials, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Or check the latest posts here.

The project is funded by Kraków Art Scholarship “Stypendium Twórcze Miasta Krakowa”.


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