Is it over?

Dear Multiparsians!

Our joint exhibition in Tomaszowice has come to an end, and thus the project Poliptyk Krakowski – Multipars Pictura has come to an end. Thank you very much to everyone for participating, and above all, congratulations on the great work!

It is thanks to you and your creativity that a unique work was created, both artistically and formally. Its scale exceeded my wildest expectations… But what am I grateful the most for, is meeting you. Thank you for your great kindness and commitment! It is impossible to enumerate all your good deeds and cordiality, so let me limit myself to the minimum and special thanks:

* I would like to thank my parents for rescuing me in a crisis, my father for a lot of work on the technical side of the Polyptych,
* Jeremy for the patiently while performing increasingly difficult tasks,
* Michał Baca for the exhibition at the Atelier 2 Gallery and for all his help in recruiting artists,
* Mr. Ziyad Raoof for the exhibition in Tomaszowice and invaluable support and kindness,
* Mr. Przemek Budziło for the hospitality in the 2okna Gallery and delicious croissants 😉
* Iwona from the studio W Trawie Piszcza for her kindness and inspiration,
* Eliza Wilczyńska, Iwan Potishuk, Julia Dąbrowolska, Dominica Wojtylak, Lidia Lesicka and Gosia Sikora for their help in arranging the exhibitions,
* Leszek Tarczoń and Łukasz Wojtylak for beautiful photos of exhibitions,
* The whole team of Hotel Dwór in Tomaszowice for their help with the exhibition,
* SCKM for invaluable Partnership,
* The Department of Culture of the City of Krakow for trust in the form of a Creative Scholarship…
And all my friends for positive energy! Thanks to you, I am richer for unforgettable experiences.

I hope that this is not the end of our artistic adventure, and that together we will take up many more creative challenges.

Find out more about the project “Multipiars Pictura”.

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