Exhibition Dwór w Tomaszowicach

Come along to the final exhibition of the Multipars Pictura project – Poliptyk Krakowski!  The opening of the exhibition will take place on February 16 2022 in Dwór w Tomaszowicach (15-minute drive from Kraków centre). This time you’ll see a one large art piece consisting of over 250 individual paintings.

The goal of the Multipars Pictura project was to engage people of different backgrounds and ages in an active participation of creating a large, multi-part painting. Everyone interested in taking part in the project, was given a small, primed wood panel with a graphic element painted on it. Their task was to paint a picture of any style and theme but with keeping that graphic element visible.

This idea reached a big number of people from Kraków, Poland and also from abroad. Not only individuals have joined the project but also schools, charities, social care homes and cultural centres. As a result paintings of all kinds were created presenting a variety of different ideas, styles and experiences, but all being connected by one vision and a simple design of a rectangle.

An additional highlight of the project is the hidden identity of the artists. Participants have been asked not to sign their work on the front, but on the back. Thanks to this, the viewers of Polyptych will have to guess the artist, not knowing if e.g an artwork was made by famous artists or an amateur painter.

The project has been presented in a few places in Krakow. Each exhibition was arranged in a different way showing the art works in various contexts.

The coordinator of the project is Krakow-based painter and culture animator Beata Pałach Milligan, who implements this project as part of Kraków Art Scholarship “Stypendium Twórcze Miasta Krakowa”.


OPENING: 16/02/2022, 18:30
Dwór w Tomaszowicach
ul. Krakowska 68
32-085 Tomaszowice

Please note: due to new regulations, during the opening venue Covid certificates will be required. Not vaccinated visitors will be asked to complete a health form.

The project is funded by Kraków Art Scholarship “Stypendium Twórcze Miasta Krakowa”.


  • Dwór w Tomaszowicach
  • ZR Hotele
  • Staromiejskie Centrum Kultury Młodzieży
  • Stowarzyszenie EKSIT
  • Galeria Atelier 2
  • iZwiązek Polskich Artystów Plastyków Okręg Krakowski
  • Fundacja Wszyscy Obecni
  • W trawie piszczy – Flower Design
  • Wydział Sztuki Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego w Krakowie
  • Szkoła Podstawowa nr 31
  • Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno – Wychowawczy nr 4
  • Dom Pomocy Społecznej Praska
  • Fundacja Artica

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