The Gravity

Solo exhibition
Na Ucieche Gallery
VI - VI 2017

The exhibition in Galeria na Uciechę is a presentation of a series of watercolors bearing the common title “The Gravity”, created in years 2015-2017.

The titles of the paintings, such as “Gravity”, “Space” and “Elements” introduce us to the atmosphere of the infinite. Our civilization has already managed to place man in space and on the moon, but it is only the trifle of the challenging silence of the cosmos. Nevertheless, telescopes with huge focal lengths and probes already crossing our solar system provide many amazing and spectacular images of the universe. Star formation, displacement of nebulae, galaxy collisions, often dazzle with their expression and vibration of colors. But Beata Milligan, fortunately, does not copy or imitate these motives. Her paintings do not bear the stigma of particular expression, neither overload with details. She introduces her own entities: intriguing abstract shapes appear in her paintings, some mosaics of the unidentified form: melted crystals, swirls, stopped in motion, sharply cropped circles, which as a whole are quite static and balanced. And yet, these works based on a strong chromatic dissonance contrasted with dark blue ink, have some elusive tension, some existential seriousness, and even some metaphysical anxiety.