Simply, picture

A work of art expresses nothing. A work of art is not a sign of anything. It is (it exists) by itself.

Władysław Strzemiński

The “Simply, picture” series was made as a result of my fascination with the art of Polish Avant-garde artists of the 20th century, especially Katarzyna Kobro, Edward Krasiński, Władysław Strzemiński and Henryk Stażewski. What I value most in the work of these artists is their striving for pure visual art, which affects the recipient not through specific objects presented in the picture, but only through artistic elements, such as colour, shape and composition. Their abstract paintings were liberated from the constructivist rigors of utility and practicality.

In accordance with the assumption that the image is to be an image and nothing more, I reached for the experiences of supremism and geometric abstraction. In my paper collages, I deliberately gave up chiaroscuro and perspective in favor of a raw, pure shape and strength of color. I did not want to imitate convexity and create an impression of depth – as in classical painting – on the contrary, my goal was to emphasize the flatness of the paper surface and its delicate structure. Contrast is based on a combination of forms and colours and their differences in energy. Irregular, organic stains enclosed in a simple geometric figure in relation to warm colours, can have a soothing and calming effect. In turn, dynamic, sharp triangles “thrown” between soft watercolor spots, affect the viewer through their opposites: causing tension or stimulating.

An additional element that emphasizes the essence of the art-work itself, are its borders. Closing the object in the image and limiting the space with frames, may seem like an obvious procedure. However the frame here is not intended to encase a certain fragment of reality, but to be an integral part of the work. To paraphrase Edward Krasiński: the frame reveals the image – it does not build or create it, but it reveals and unmasks the reality of an overlooked paper sheet of the art-work.

Contrary to the practices of my mentors, I don’t assign composition numbers to my collages; instead, I provide them with titles. Although I adhere to the concept of “pure form,” I am realistic about how people’s minds make connections. Therefore, I decided to ask my audience to give titles to my artworks. The outcome has been truly fascinating! Despite born from diverse contributors, these titles share a common thread: they often highlight the delicate balance within the natural and human world, along with the potential for positive change.And so, my own art has come full circle, allowing myself to explore new captivating narratives behind each piece.

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