The Gravity series consists of paintings on canvas presented as polyptychs. Each image is composed in a way to perfectly match another image from this collection. Paintings can be freely rotated and arranged in various ways, always creating a coherent whole. Individually, each work can be an independent abstract image, but in combination with subsequent images, these fragments take on a different shape and meaning, changing our point of view. 

The paintings of this series are often built in a diagonal, open composition, filled with colors of sand and the night sky. This is to symbolize the collision of two worlds: terrestrial and cosmic. What keeps this mysterious chaos working? For centuries, humans have been trying to answer this question, creating gods, inventing legends, exploring the secrets of science … Like some parts of a polyptych, we divide the fragments of reality and try to arrange them in an understandable order. But will we ever be given a final knowledge of this secret?