In this watercolour series Beata clearly refers to the experience of abstract expressionism. Her paintings based on a spontaneous gesture and free composition however create coherent forms and shapes. Soft, organic lines, splashes stopped in motion, dark rusty or deep green stains, seemingly uncontrolled, seem to be consciously integrated into the context of the works. These paintings are inspired by the artist’s childhood memories, impressions from the trip and places important to her. These works are dominated by morphic shapes resembling water eddies, rock structures, geological formations or plant cross-sections.

I remember those magical moments from my childhood when I came face to face with the genius of nature. These great discoveries, when raindrops created a masterpiece on the glass pane, or a puddle stirred with a stick formed waves of intriguing shapes. I imagined then that the raindrops flowing down were rising rivers, and the swirling puddle is a bottomless ocean. A scrap of the yard was an unconcealed world … These moments of childhood delight come back to me during my journeys, even the very small ones like the nearby forest. These impressions cannot be recorded either by photography or by a careful sketch. Watercolour seems to me the closest to nature, because it similarly evades attempts to be tamed.

See also: Solo exhibition in Rubinstein.