Wild Life

The series “Wild Life” is a satirical commentary on the modern lifestyle of western civilization using symbols of our everyday life.


Flora, Mimicry, Pheromones, Food, Nest, Watering hole, and Law of the Jungle – these subjects are transposed to human behaviour and habits. Still implicated in our animal instincts, we effectively try to mask or deform them. Water and sustenance is replaced by coffee, beer and cigarettes. While uniforms and cosmetics seems to be crucial for our survival in the city jungle. Even so, the primitive instinct of caring for offspring, or the desire to be closer to nature has been embroiled in a thicket of unnecessary but tempting items, without which we can not imagine our existence.

The intention of the author was to confront the pop-art style of the object with the colours inspired by nature (sand, clay, stone, trees, forest) and clearly emphasise the contrast between the dual nature of the homo sapiens species.