Year 2020

For obvious reasons, 2020 will go down in history. In addition to the pandemic and the related crises, Polish society also struggled with the growing problem of polarization. Provoked, instigated or even humiliated by politicians, increasingly frustrated social groups began to manifest their anger and helplessness by taking to the streets. The tension was at its peak. Artists from various fields have responded to this situation in two ways. Some actively engaged their creativity in protests or – depending on the faction – retaliatory actions. Others fled to the asylum of art and, hiding from the roaring, overwhelming world, seemed to ignore the omnipresent crisis.

Standing at the crossroads of two extreme needs, i.e. a sense of duty and commitment, and at the same time an instinctive desire for escapism, I decided to transfer this experience to a canvas. As a result of this dualism, I created a series of abstract paintings that express both formal and philosophical searches. Contrasting colour compositions, an expressive gesture, dynamic quivering spots – all this, combined with allusive titles, is a record of my internal experiences and reflections. When there are arguments and scuffles at rallies, and pompous slogans and calls to hatred are shouted, all in the name of patriotism and love of the motherland, I ask myself: what exactly is the motherland? For me, it is a meadow strewn with various herbs, pulsating with flying insects. It is a dynamically changing sky with billowing clouds. It is a forest concert of birds and a light spectacle when the sun breaks through twitching branches and dancing leaves … What do these two Polands have in common? Maybe the same intensity of emotions and passions? Maybe similar energy and strength? This obstinacy to persists regardless of time and circumstances. Finally, diversity and colourfulness – Isn’t this what makes this world powerful and beautiful?